" Mar - Kraft " Ltd.

  • Compound feed
  • Small chickens
  • Bright chickens
  • Eggs
  • Compost

     The company "Mar-Kraft" Ltd. was founded in July 1997 Main activity was initially broiler production and their implementation. Over the years the company has grown and increased its volumes in direction: breeders; hatching chicks, growing small, bright and hens producing eggs for consumption. In 2000 the company buys the farm in Drinovo village for adolescent birds and hens. "Mar-Kraft" Ltd. has a poultry farm in the Zdravkovets village which main activity is rearing of laying hens and egg production for consumption. The company has its own compound feed factory in the Pavlikeni city with capacity of 1500 tons per month. At present the company cultivated 300,000 adolescents birds annually and 90,000 hens for egg production. We build a new factory for production of compost. Product, which comes in the form of granule / 85% dry matter / by Japanese technology, which is new for Bulgarian and Eastern European market. The production of this type of compost is completely organic with performance rich in potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen and sodium, used in organic and ecological agriculture.